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Here's What You Get Inside

100% Personalized
In-App Experience

This is NOT another cookie-cutter fitness app - get the perfect workout routine and diet plan for your body type, goals, and experiece level with BEASTLY’s 100% custom in-app experience


BEASTLY is packed with proven workout programs for beginner and advanced lifters. No matter how long you’ve been training for, you can find a routine that will challenge you and take your body to the next level.

Fully Interactive

No more feeling lost or confused at the gym... The app will take you through every workout, exercise-by-exercise, and even time your rest periods! Plus, it keeps track of your weights, and intelligently pushes you to lift more each week.

Macro Tracking

Based on your goals and body type, BEASTLY calculates your optimal macros (protein, carbs, and fat intake). Plus, the app makes it STUPID easy to actually track your diet (it only takes a few seconds after each meal).

Meal Ideas

Not a world-class chef? No worries... BEASTLY’s library of simple meal ideas are packed with protein and carefully designed to help you reach your calorie and macro goals.

Innovative Progress

Numbers don’t lie... BEASTLY’s built-in progress tracking system will GUARANTEE you see fast results. You can easily track your bodyweight, progress photos, and even the exact weights you’re using in the gym!

Browse Our Most Popular Programs

Demolish your plateaus so you can keep making gains by using one of the most effective workout splits in the world.

MAX out your "newbie gains" with the perfect beginner training system. Perfect for anyone new to the gym!

Stuck at home without equipment? Make incredible gains with strategic bodyweight exercises that scale to your strength level.

For lifters with more than 1 year of experience. This will ignite muscle growth and allow you to keep making gains!

This innovative program combines the intensity of Full Body training with the proven format of a Push Pull Legs routine.

Maximize your muscle growth with a secondary focus on strength gains. Size is king. 5 days per week.

Here's Why I Decided to Build

My Name is David De Las Morenas

I’m a Men’s Health bestselling author and the creator of How To Beast - my YouTube channel with over 950,000 subscribers...

Can I be honest with you though?
A few short years ago I was scrawny, weak, as insecure as they come.

I NEVER got any attention from girls, and they definitely wouldn’t even consider going on a date with me.

They wanted the “alpha” guys... the guys with broad shoulders, thick arms, and lean, muscular physiques.

After YEARS of experimenting, diving into the scientific research, and becoming certified as both a personal trainer and strength coach, I finally figured out how to QUICKLY and PREDICTABLY pack on lean muscle mass faster than I ever thought was possible.

(and since then, I’ve coached THOUSANDS of guys and helped them transform their bodies)

I knew I wanted to help even more guys, so I decided to create an app that delivers a 100% personalized workout and diet plan that’s tailored SPECIFICALLY to your goals.

(and help you get WAY faster results than all the other “one size fits all” workout programs out there)

After months and months of planning, designing, and development, the BEASTLY app was born.

Get the Support You Need Inside the Beastly Insider's Facebook Group

Have a question about your workouts? Need some diet advice?

Join the most BEASTLY group of guys working together to secure gains and success. We will help you with your goals both in and out of the gym.

The Science Behind That GUARANTEES You Get Jacked and Make Gains in the Gym...

The BEASTLY app is the only workout app that forces you to incorporate “Progressive Overload”

The app automatically tracks the weights you are lifting in the gym... and intelligently challenges you to get stronger every single week.

(translation: this is the #1 scientifically proven method for building lean muscle mass)

Your custom diet plan will also be 100% science-based. Not only does the app calculate your optimal macros (protein, carbs, and fat intake) -- but it also suggests simple meal ideas to help you achieve your goals!

The BEASTLY App Focuses on KEY “Aesthetic” Muscle Groups

The exercises in every BEASTLY workout have been optimized to focus on key muscle groups that people notice the most...

- LATERAL DELTOIDS: achieve “boulder” shoulders

- UPPER CHEST: get that “full” looking chest

- LATS: for a THICK back that turns heads

- BICEPS/TRICEPS: are you ready to build some JUICY arms?

Expert Video Breakdowns for Every Exercise

Never feel lost or confused in the gym.

Step-by-step video demonstrations for every exercise means you will quickly learn proper technique and maximize muscle growth.


…and after that, it’s only $15 per month

(that’s LESS than one Starbucks coffee per week)

Most personal trainers charge over $100 for a single hour session... that comes out to more than $1200 per MONTH.

With the BEASTLY app, you get all the benefits of having your own trainer WITHOUT the insane price-tag.

Facebook Community Highlights

No More Excuses Bro...

Look, there’s a TON of workout and nutrition advice available online. If I’m being honest, I have published hundreds of free YouTube videos myself

You might be thinking that you can do it all yourself... and the truth is, you might be able to... but all the information floating around the internet can only take you so far

Let’s be honest, you don’t need another “trick” or “hack” - you need a personalized program that’s easy to follow and designed specifically for your goals and your body type.

BEASTLY gives you everything you need in one simple app. It’s the same app that THOUSANDS of guys (and counting) are downloading right now to transform their bodies.

Every rep, every set, and every meal is laid out for you. The app is super-simple to use, and there’s literally no guesswork involved - all you have to do is open the app.

But that doesn’t mean it will be easy... you will still have to show up and put in work. If you’re willing to do that, I’m going to be with you every step of the way. I will not let you fail.

Now, it’s your turn bro. It’s time for you to take the first step towards looking – and feeling – like an absolute BEAST.

I’ll see you inside,
– David de las Morenas

Check Out Some Recent Reviews

David has made the best fitness app in the market.

Love it. Makes me rest and really helps my routine.

I find the structured programs helpful in keeping me efficient and hopefully consistent 😉.

This app is 1000 times better than any fitness app out there right now.

This app will keep you consistent!

It's by far one of (if not) THE most inclusive fitness and lifestyle app there is.

Definitely makes the gym a whole lot easier and more focused.

It's the best fitness app ever....thanks David💯🔥

Still Have Questions?

Do I need a gym?

With the BEASTLY app, you get access to our full library of workout programs. While most of the programs require access to a full gym, there are also options available for home gyms and bodyweight-only training.

What if I'm missing equipment (or injured)?

If you cannot perform an exercise for ANY reason, don't worry! Every workout is 100% customizable, which means you can instantly swap out an exercise and find a suitable replacement. Just click the "Substitution" icon next to the exercise name.

What if I need help?

Don’t sweat it... I’m giving you access to the BEASTLY INSIDERS Facebook Group where you can ask ANY question and get a quick response.

What if I’m just a beginner?

The app is designed to scale to your experience level. This means that regardless if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced lifter you will find a workout program that pushes your personal limits.

Do I need to count calories?

If you want to see the fastest results, then we highly recommend tracking your calories. But don’t worry, with the included BEASTLY meal tracker, the process is stupid simple.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Don’t worry bro, there’s no hidden fees and you can cancel at any time. Just navigate to the “Subscription” page inside the app to manage your subscription.

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